Company Portrait
Hydraulic & Pneumatic in Göteborg, opened its doors 1989 in Gothenburg on the West coast of Sweden. As Company for supplying a broad range of spare parts, equipments and Components modules in a partnership contracts with Manufacturers worldwide. 

In our daily work
Hydraulic & Pneumatic in Göteborg is responsible for marketing and sales besides the Scandinavian home markets also all export outside of Europe. 

Hydraulic & Pneumatic I Göteborg principles are based on three objectives
-> Delight your customers 
-> Enjoy your work 
-> Fight for profits
Hydraulic & Pneumatic in Göteborg can only be successful as a company if it satisfies its Customers expectations, and if its staffs are enthusiastic in their commitment. 
Responsibility, respect and determination are key principles guiding us.

Our businesses 
Hydraulic & Pneumatic in Göteborg has streamlined its divisional structure to focus on Different core businesses. 

Oil Petrochemical Industries 
Hydraulic & Pneumatic I Göteborg supplied a comprehensive range of products systems to refineries and petrochemical plants

Weaving & Textile Systems - Chemical Industries
Paper Sectors, Container and Cargo handling sectors
Hydraulic & Pneumatic I Göteborg supplied the full range of automation equipments and its spare parts.